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ep/01: featuring noah gundersen


serialboxtv is a modern, cinematic extension of the "unplugged" series from the 90s. music doesn't get more personal than this.

EP/01: Noah Gundersen TEASER TRAILER

EP/01 of SerialBoxTV centers around Seattle based singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen. Noah is a SerialBox Presents alum and a friend of the project. When we began the process of selecting an artist for our pilot episode, Noah was a natural fit. He's an incredible live performer, but beyond that, is singularly focused on making worthwhile music. We knew that it would be a fantastic fit.


Production for this episode included a studio session in Houston, as well as 2 production days in Seattle, shooting doc, interview, and one-takes. The resulting 30 minute episode represents a direction for SerialBoxTV, a path forward as we look to expand the series. 



by Noah Gundersen for SerialBox

An exclusive, live, one-take album from the SerialBoxTV studio sessions with Noah Gundersen. Featuring nine tracks recorded live in only one-take, what you hear is the music in its purest form. No punch-ins, no pickups, just the song, mistakes and all.



SERIALBOXTV is an episodic television show that combines documentary explorations, intimate interviews, cinematic studio performances, and on-location, single-camera one-takes with a simple goal in mind: to create a music show unlike anything you've seen before in an effort to capture the truest, most honest portrait of both the music and artists that we all know and love.


Sr. Producer | Micah Bickham        Director | Ryan Booth        Exec. Producer | Patrick Dodd